Arend Thibodeau Photography

I am a photographer that tries not to label myself and I simply like to capture the world as I see it . I am also a registered Master Maine guide and I enjoy sharing wildlife and nature with others.

Please be sure to check out my gallery shows and presentation schedule. I love sharing the stories of my photo adventures so I hope you can make it out to meet me.

Please enjoy my images. I welcome comments and suggestions, and hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoy taking them. All images are available for purchase. If you can't find what you are looking for, please let me know.

For more information on my guide services featuring guided photography workshops please visit

If you would like something specific please email me.

Publications my photographs have appeared in:

- "Large Alligator Scales Fence" by Jordan Culver, Published by USA Today (August 19, 2019)

- "The Best Places to See Maine Fall Foliage" by Rebecca Pittore, Published by All The Rooms (September 28, 2018)

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- Three issues of South Dade News Leader,. Miami Dade County, Florida

          - Volume 102 No. 5 - 4/11/14

          - Volume 102 No. 46 -  1/9/15

          - Volume 102 No. 50 - 2/6/15

- Cover photo "Ospreys" by Mary R. Dunne, Published by Capstone Press (February 1, 2015)

- "Turkey Vultures" by Mary R. Dunne, Published by Capstone Press (February 1, 2015)

- Cover of Biscayne National Park Fishery Management Plan Published by Biscayne National Park 2014

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Galleries & Shows:

Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Abanonded Spaces; February 23 - March 17, 2020 

The Blank Wall Gallery Athens, Greece. Abandoned Buildings; November 1- November 16, 2019

Sebasticook Valley Hospital, Pittsfield, Maine. Photography exhibit - Winter; December - February  2019

Sebasticook Valley Hospital, Pittsfield, Maine. Photography exhibit - Fall; September - December   2019

Sebasticook Valley Hospital, Pittsfield, Maine. Photography exhibit - Summer; August - September 2019

Sebasticook Valley Hospital, Pittsfield, Maine. Photography exhibit - Spring; June-August 2019

Hampden Public Library, Hampden, Maine. Photographer exhibit ; March-April 2019

Bangor Public Library, Bangor, Maine. Wild Maine; February-March 2019

SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC. The Natural Nude; January 5-29th, 2019

Harlow Gallery. Harlow, Maine. A Nation of Immigrants; November 3rd - 24th, 2018

The Blank Wall Gallery Athens, Greece. Abandoned; October 26- November 7, 2018

Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union, Pittsfield, Maine. September 27- November 27, 2018

The Bangor Artwalk, WBRC Central St. Bangor, Maine. September 7, 2018

Homegrown Healthcare, Stanley Road #2 Winthrop, Maine. Permanent Exhibit

The Framemakers- Waterville, Maine. Watermarks July 16- September 16, 2018

Newport House of Pizza- Newport Plaza, Newport, Maine. Permanent Exhibit

The Maine Photography Show - Boothbay Harbor, Maine - April 7th - May 4th 2018

The Bakery Collective Photo A Go-Go - Portland, Maine - December 1st - 8th 2017

SFNPCC Gallery at Biscayne National Park - Homestead, Florida - September - November 2016

Biscayne National Park (Inside Looking Out) - Homestead, Florida -June - September 2016

Campobello Fog Fest - Campobello, New Brunswick , Canada - August 2015